25 Days of CLASS: Summer ‘17 Itinerary

I was given this opportunity to network with other street papers at an annual summit in late Aug 2017 through my work with Speak Up Magazine, and I have been able to expand this into an almost month-long service journey that will be beneficial to the ministries and non-profits that I work with and the communities that we work in, as well as bring some awareness to people doing beautiful work in different communities.

From Aug 13- Sept 7, I will be on an over 12k mile journey with stops in 30 cities (28 U.S. & 2 international), where I will have more than 125 hours of engagement and service with over 30 organizations. I will drive my little Honda Civic for about 4k of those miles for more than 60 hours. I’ll get to know hundreds of people and hear some of their stories. I am going on this journey to connect, learn from, serve and advocate, with my brothers and sisters in love, and then share my experiences with you all.

Trip Map

The places I will visit are all focused in some way on loving and caring for our neighbors on the streets and helping to bring communities together.

Here are the list of cities that I will be visiting, as I confirm stops and visit places, I will list them under the city.

Part 1: The Beginning (Aug 13- 20)

  1. Asheville, NC
  2. Raleigh, NC
  3. Va Beach, VA
  4. Williamsburg, VA
    • College of William and Mary – Alma Mater Visit!
  5. Washington, DC
  6. Baltimore, MD
  7. Wilmington, DE
    1. Friendship House
  8. Philadelphia, PA
    1. Philadelphia Recovery Community Center
  9. Trenton, NJ
    1. Arm in Arm
  10. Paterson, NJ
    1. St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation
  11. New York, NY
  12. New Haven, CT
    1. Liberty Community Services
  13. West Warwick, RI
    1. Achor RCC
    2. Mae Organization for the homeless
  14. Cambridge, MA
    1. Spare Change News
  15. Lowell, MA
    1. Living Waters Center of Hope
  16. Boston, MA

Part 2: OverSeas Adventures (Aug 21-29)

  1. Manchester, UK
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Part 3: Heading Home (Aug 30-Sept 7)

  1. Bristol, CT
    1. Brian’s Angels Outreach
  2. Scranton, PA
  3. States College, PA
  4. Pittsburgh, PA
    1. FreeStore 15104
    2. 412 Food Rescue
  5. Clarksburg, WV
    1. Clarksburg Community Mission
  6. Parkersburg, WV
    1. LaTrobe St Mission
  7. Columbus, OH
    1. Street Speech St Mag
  8. Cincinnati, OH
    1. Street Vibes St Mag
  9. Chicago, IL
    1. Labor Day Weekend
  10. Bowling Green, KY
    1. Hotel INC
  11. Nashville, TN
  12. Knoxville, TN
    1. Lost Sheep Ministry

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